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Smart Tutor for K~8th Grade
English & Math Exercise

Smart Tutor begins with a diagnostic test to determine your strengths and weaknesses. From there, you can easily check your weaknesses and strengths based on our comprehensive reports. Then, we provide you various topics that you can exercise on. These exercises help you review troublesome topics from school or get a head start on upcoming lessons. Finally, Smart Tutor provides periodic online review and answer sheets, so you and your parents can measure your progress. Also, if you have any question, feel free to ask our teachers through Mail Box.

Writing Center for 3~12th Grade

The Writing Center offers a variety of fun and stimulating essay prompts to which you will provide a response. Essay topics have been chosen specific for the developing writer, with their interests and abilities in mind. Once a student completes an essay, he or she sends it to one of our Writing Center instructors, who will grade and evaluate the essay and offer suggestions for improvement.

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Welcome to Smart Online Study

If you are not a pre-registered user, do not hesitate to register as there is no registration fee whatsoever. After registration, you can enjoy our many features such as the Free Trial, Homework Helper and Diagnostic Test. ( For Free Registration click here )

Homework Helper

Are you having trouble with your math homework, tonight? You have a test tomorrow and want to prepare for it by doing more questions on the topic? Here is the way to solve your problem. Just register to our site and click on ‘Go to School’ button. There, you can find a free-course named English & Math Homework Helper. You can choose any grade and topic that you need to study on. After solving the questions, the answers will be automatically graded and you can check them.

Free Trial

If you want to take a good look at our courses, this is the best way to do so. We provide you the Free Trial on any courses, and on any grades. Just register to our site and click on the Free Trial button. There, you can try any courses that we offer. You can check to see which course fits you the most. We sincerely think that you have the choice to make in your own education and we are happy to help you on that choice by showing you what we can really offer.

Diagnostic Test

If you are uncertain about your weakness and not sure where to start, this is the resolution for you. Just register to our site and click on Diagnostic Test. You can test yourself on any grade. Just do your best on the test and you will get comprehensive reports about your weaknesses and strength. Now, you are all set to go for our comprehensive studying materials.

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Test Preparation - SAT, PSAT, SSAT

SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test and it is taken nationwide by 2 million students every year as part of the college admission process. We are here to prepare you for the big test by providing SAT Exercise, SAT Essay Center and SAT Smart Lecture.

SAT Exercise

With that said, it is also important to make sure you know the content of the SAT. SOS offers exercise sessions loaded with thousands of questions from all sections of the new SAT: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. Feedback is key to SOS’s SAT Exercise, which allows you to review your mistakes, displaying a breakdown of correct and incorrect answers so you can assess where they are excelling, and where you need more work. SOS also provides multi-sensory lessons on various categories of each section of the SAT. Every question has a written, spoken, and illustrated explanation provided by one of our instructors. SSAT Exercise, PSAT Exercise

SAT Essay Center

The newest section of the SAT includes the timed essay writing portion which can be daunting for those without experience. At SOS, we offer a variety of SAT writing prompts that you can respond to as part of your test preparation. Every essay is evaluated by a qualified teacher and returned with suggestions to improve your score.

SAT Smart Lecture

We at SOS know that those who do well on the SAT are not necessarily smarter students, but students who have practiced and learned the tricks. That’s why our experienced instructors offer online classes to share essential tips and strategies for succeeding on the SAT, as well as in-depth online courses for each subject. In the tips & strategies class, learn how to budget your time during the test, prepare basic ideas and framework for your essay, and become familiar with the new format. In subject classes, learn to comprehensively master each individual topic.

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Book Club for 3~12th Grade

Join the Book Club and choose from a large selection of nationally recommended books for each grade level. Once you have read the book, we provide a variety of reading comprehension questions and a chance to practice your writing skills by submitting an essay that will be graded and evaluated by our qualified teacher. The corrected essay will boost up your writing skills and certainly help you write better next time.

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